Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is It Just Me?

I think my personality prevents me from writing level-headed female MC's whose darkness still comes off as chipper. 

People who don't know me very well see a nice blonde-haired, blue-eyed lady who talks so quietly they could never see me getting upset, but those who know me would probably agree that I'm just Emily the Strange on the inside, wearing all black, feeling cynical and less than optimistic when crossed.

I want to be normal, and less enraged at general stupidity, but I have a hard time overlooking the quirks emanating from the random natured people around me.  Perhaps this is the uttermost reason I need to write, small things stand out to me in a way that makes me think, "You're kidding, right?"

For example, last week I was volunteering in my son's kindergarten class along with another mom and a grandma who makes rounds at the school (an on-the-fly volunteer).  I like to keep to myself and just do my thing, but of course, something or someone always crosses the line from common sense and courtesy into something like anarchy in solidarity (I'm an extremist at times, bear with me).

After the first round of kids left my table I got up and sharpened the pencils in my cup and then waited for the next round of kids.  When all the kids had taken their seats, I overheard the grandma at the table next to me say, "Let me get some sharpened pencils for you kids."  And then she came over to my table, grabbed a handful of sharpened pencils from my cup replacing them with her unsharpened pencils. 

I was stupefied first, and then as the seconds passed, I became angry.  In the way of common courtesy I (perhaps wrongfully) assume that we are all on level playing fields as far as age (this might be an indication that I truly believe in a higher power although I'm still questioning religion in my life).

I couldn't start a fight with the woman, so I sunk so low that I became passive aggressive.  The only people around me who could possibly relate to my feelings were the five-year-olds, that's when I became one.  When one of the kids at the table pointed to the cup of pencils and said, "Why are only some of these sharpened?"  I immediately pointed to the grandma and said, "She took them." 

Now, eight days later, I'm still shaking my head about this woman and her actions.  I can't stop thinking, "What kind of person does that anyway?"

See why I have a problem writing female main characters?  This must be why the MC's for the next two books I plan to write are male POV's. 

It might just be me, but male POV's don't seem to get the same stigma for being grumpy and depressed as female MC's do.

My mom thinks I should takes notes from Erma Bombeck and write a book about all the idiocy I encounter, but for now I'm sticking to MG and YA, while avoiding the female MC until I get a good grasp on how to lighten her up by detaching her from me.  


  1. When things like that happen, I TRY (emphasize try) to think that maybe that person just wasn't thinking, had a lot on his/her mind.
    I usually don't confront people unless it really means a lot to me or it affect my kids very negatively.

  2. Gosh, you told this well. I am livid at that woman!!! And most likely I would react like you.

    And I have your books all packed and ready to go. I will send them this afternoon. Sorry I have been so slow!!

  3. Kelly - I know what you mean. I live in an area where I rarely spend time around people I don't have to associate with on a regular basis, i.e. neighbors. So, I usually have to keep my opinions to myself. I couldn't help but share my experience with other moms at the school and now after volunteering we say, "Did anyone take your sharpened pencils today?" It's become kind of a joke now.

    Tina - Thank you so much for saying that. I felt bad all last night wondering what readers would think of this opinion from me. I rarely put my strong opinions in my blog, but sometimes I just have to let it out. I hope I didn't offend anyone very much.

  4. Hey, sent off your books and came home with to a package from you! Yay! So fun. Thanks. I'm so excited to read - and scared to start because the rest of my life might go to * in a hand basket - Pardon my star - while I just read.

    And I understand about second thoughts after blog posting, or I guess the extra thinking that comes with putting up something close to home for relative strangers to see. I totally understand where you are coming from with this volunteer and the difficulty in knowing how to deal with it. And I mean it, you wrote it well - had me feeling the same things you were feeling.

  5. I wanted to read this blog after talking about it today! I honestly would have felt the exact same way!!! It is just plain weird that she came and took your pencils!! Remember the time the guy at the gas station told me I won the lottery and then said "just kidding." I was SO MAD I couldn't stop thinking about it for days!! My mom and I frequently have the conversation about how mad we get when we encounter these types of situations. We discovered that we get SO mad because we would not think to treat other people with such rudeness/thoughtlessness/strangeness/etc. I suppose we all can offend people at times and never realize it, but some people are just like that all the time! Crazy!! Anyway, I love your blog and this post in particular is very well written. I really think you are a talented writer.

  6. HAHAHAHA I still can't help but love five year old Patty....