Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conference Advice

No, no, no. I'm not going to OFFER any conference advice, I'm LOOKING for some.

I am happy to say that I get to go to the SCBWI Los Angeles Conference in August. Is anyone else going? I would LOVE to meet up.

Are you debating whether or not you should go? YOU SHOULD! If you are AT ALL on the fence about this conference I can tell you that even without conference experience this is going to be AWESOME!

Are you thinking: It's Los Angeles, that's not a safe place, it's dirty and far away?

You're not entirely wrong about all of that. However, Los Angeles is HUGE and wraps itself around cities such as Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc. Traffic alone could put you hours away from the bad areas. Haha! Out here we don't judge distance in miles,only in time. It could be a mile away but more importanlty, how long will in take me to get there?

I've been living in California for 14 years and spent nearly 3 years living in Hollywood and West Hollywood and can tell you for certain that the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is in a beautiful area off of Avenue of the Stars. Nothing at all to be afraid of.

Now, enough of putting you at ease with this particular conference, I need you to put me at ease. I've never been to a conference. Yep, I a newbie--newb, if you will.

Any advice? Funny stories? Do's? Don'ts? I wouldn'ts? You should's? If you can's? If you haven'ts?

I've already booked my hotel room but have to be honest when I say, I wish I had a roommate to share the cost with. If you are seeking a roommate for those days, let me know. If you are going to be there, drop me a line. I WANT TO MEET YOU!


  1. Oh, i just signed up for SCBWI membership the other day and saw this conference. You're right, it looks AMAZING! However, I'm already attending two other ones this year and the budget just won't allow this time around... maybe next year.

    Nothing scary for a newbie. You're among like-minded people who are looking to make connections. My only suggestions would be to arrive early, make sure you check in and know where the workshops are held. Bring a notebook and a pen! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time! :)

  2. Wrong side of the country for me and sorry no advice, as I've never attended a writing conference

  3. I lived in LA for years. I kinda wish I was going to this conference!
    I went to a writing conference last year with some writing buddies and it was great.
    Network. Be friendly. Soak it all up as much as possible. If there are agents there pitch your WIP. I did and got a submission request-- you never know!
    Mostly-- have fun and don't let the classes on the biz side of writing to discourage you with their dismal statistics and overwhelming "stuff" to know and do.

  4. Just keep being your sweet self and have fun. By gosh, have fun.

  5. This looks really cool! Come check me out,

  6. I vowed to finally attend some writers conferences this year. I wanted to attend at least two, but after paying to sign up for thiller fest (not including hotel or airfare) I don't think I will have enough money to attend another one until 2012.

    Have fun; it sounds great

  7. I wasn't planning on going - I'm still waiting to hear back from the Odyssey workshop, (waiting list,) and if I get in there, I'll be way over on vacation time for the year. If I don't get an Odyssey spot, then I'll consider flying down to LA.

    I'm starting up a 'Critiquing Crusaders' program, where participants in the Second Crusade can find other writers to exchange critiques with or form critiquing circles. If you're interested, come by The Kelworth Files to check it out!

  8. This sounds like a blast! (Laughed at the 'dirty and far away' line, btw.) I wish I could give you some tips, but I've never been to a conference either. I guess just don't spill anything on, or curse at an agent or editor? Though I be you'll have a ton of fun either way! :-)

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  10. ...conferences are both fun and enriching. Best advice...listen well, and soak up any and all information offered. It's invaluable:)

    Glad I stopped by. Have a good time!


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  12. I would love to attend the conference in August, but I don't think it'll work out. I hope you have a blast!

  13. Hey Patricia! Just wanted to make sure everything was all right.

  14. Hello... apparently I'm not the first one to check in on you. How are things going?