Monday, April 26, 2010

Christmas From the Underworld

Tuesday, January 5, 1988

Dear Diary,
I am in a hurry so for Christmas I got a scooter, keyboard, a bird that died today, an animator, clothes, singing clown, a cabbage patch that can get wet, moon dreamer, and in my stocking I will only tell a few things. I will tell you tomorrow.
Bye, from Patty
P.S. I have 151 pages to write in this diary. Just 151 to go.

I eventually got another parakeet. However, the new bird came straight from H.E. double hockey sticks. I would try to hold the bird and it would bite that space between my nostrils and then I would have to beat it until it would finally let go. I was too afraid to hold the darn thing so it sat in it's cage for long periods of time. That might be why the bird started laying little pink eggs everywhere in the cage. I'm just lucky the bird wasn't both male and female, otherwise I would've had dozens of little nostril-biting birds all over my room. I eventually gave the bird to my older sister when we moved to California and never got another one.

As for the singing clown. That clown didn't just sing, it's head rotated in a circle, as if it were looking up at the ceiling and then over to the wall and then down at the ground and back up again, while the music played. I think I really liked that clown until I got older and saw Stephen King's, IT. Now the clown is stuffed into a box in my garage. I'm afraid that if I throw the clown away it's going to reappear one day. It's much safer in the garage where I can keep tabs on it at all times.

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