Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Past, Present, Future

I didn't realize until recently that the majority of the people in my circle of influence don't realize that I write. I write a little something nearly every day in a journal, or on a notepad, or a scrap of paper I find in my car, and I've been doing this for nearly twenty-six years. I didn't get my first formal journal until April 7, 1985, I was seven years old but I can remember writing things down as early as six years old.

At first I wrote in my journal just to talk about what I did every day (don't mind the typos this is straight from the journal):
Sunday, April 7, 1985
Today is EAster. I Got a candy Record. And some BuBBle Bath. I LiKe School very much. I have Fun in the sumer With my frinds. April is fun. I poot my close in the hamper.

And then for awhile my writing came straight from the depths of my soul and came out sounding more like poetry. On February 16, 1999 I became the Gypsyroz Poet:
February 16, 1999
I'm a gypsy rose poet in a garden of prose.
Pick and poke the petals plush
stop and smell the poets lush.
Don't mind the prose, to see the poetry, follow your nose.
I'm a gypsy rose poet in a garden of prose.
See me, read me, taste me, hear me.
Don't pass me by
take the time to find me where I hide.
My patience is wearing, my petals are wilting.
I need to be picked, I need to be smelled, I need to be taken from this garden of Hell.

Over the years, my writing has twisted and turned to accommodate my life and those who end up in it. Not all of the writing is great or profound but it is the legacy I will one day leave for my children.

Over the course of this blog I will take you on my writing journey. I will post excerpts from the many journals I've kept throughout my life and hope that you can relate or just enjoy the read.

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