Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Commercial Free but We're Up!

Check it out, I've got a potentially very cool tool that will help you view us while we write for 16-hours starting tomorrow, Saturday, November 6th, Pacific Standard Time.  Our hours are 7am - 11pm.

Watch live streaming video from simplicityinvolumes at

I've done a test run on this bad boy and have learned a couple of things: First, it occassionally times out and will show us offline. If that happens, just check back later and I'm sure we'll be back up and running.  We cannot let technology impede us!  We must work together if we want to conquer technological snafoos. Secondly, there are commercials. How annoying right? Right. The thing with that is simply we would prefer to use LiveStream for free with commercials than pay $350 for one month's use of it commercial free.So, be aware that every now and then a commercial will appear out of nowhere.

Lastly, and most important, we're writing. If you check in on us and think, man this is boring to watch, then you know, we're writing.  However, we are a bunch of giggly girls so expect us to laugh and carry on about absolutely nothing also.

Before the start of NaNo I figured I could probably write 20,000 words in a 16-hour day based on what I know I can average per hour minus the breaks for food and whatnot.  Now that I've started NaNo, I will be lucky to get 10,000 out by the end of the day tomorrow.  Why? Just in the first 4 days I felt like I was crashing. I was exhausted. My brain knew what it needed to write but I couldn't picture the scenes in my head to write from. And I was only producing 4,000 words per day.  However, I do have fragmented days with kids so my outside influences were definitely increasing my exhaustion.  Tomorrow there will be no kids to distract me so my goal is to write 10,000 words in 16-hours, if not more.  Every couple of hours I will post my word count with NaNo and you will be able to see on my sidebar what I've been able to accomplish.

If you could write for 16-hours, how many words do you truly believe you could pound out? Would you be able to write as many if you were in a group or would that number go down?


  1. How fun... I bet you're excited about this. I won't be able to keep the sergeant away tomorrow, so expect a shout every now and then. You know what a big mouth he has.

    If I didn't have to edit and restructure, I would definitely give you a run for your money. I would guess from my good days on the marathon I probably could squeak out about 12-15000 since I did over 6000 in nine hours for the marathon.

    Good luck tomorrow! Don't have too much fun ... remember it's about writing! lol


    Oh wait, the sergeant is shouting ... "16000 WORDS OR ELSE!" You know you'll have to answer to him if you fail. It could get ugly ...

  2. Awesome that you got this up! It'll be like I'm there ... kinda. With the time difference, you'll be starting at 11pm my time. I have no plans on sleeping early, so I'll definitely be checking in.

    I love how you say you're only averaging 4K like it's nothing ... I'm really impressed with how many words you've written.

    Good luck busting out those words tomorrow! I bet you get over 10K.

    I think the longest I've spent writing has been 8-10 hours a day. That was last year, so I'm not sure how many words I actually did. I think it was like 4-5K a day. I guess you're right, now that I've typed it and am staring at the screen, 4K doesn't sound that impressive :( But keep in mind that for that book, I was writing everything by hand and then typing it up, editing as I went.

  3. That's wild! And no way I could write in a group. The TV doesn't distract me, but people do.

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  5. I think I could write about 10,000 words in sixteen hours. Of course, my mind and body both need a break from such an exercise. Still, every word I get down on the page is one more word I've accomplished. I might have to go back and revise later, but I proudly wear that word as a badge of honor.

  6. What an interesting experiment. I will have to see if I can remember to drop in and see you guys tomorrow. Last Monday I took off work, so I had a house mostly to myself (hubby in and out, but... mostly) and I managed 6000... then again I had a 2 hour break to powerwalk/shower--but i would have that on an all day, too... and daughter came home needy about 3 and day went to normal... but i think what I learned is I can really only write in about 2 hour spurts, then I need a break... in 16 hours, i'd probably only write 8-- I think I'd be at about 10K like you are now guessing.--I would have a burst or two where I was making 1500 word hours, but more of them would be 1000 per hour hours.

  7. I'm definitely going to tune in and hopefully write a little bit with you. I'd love to host a 24 hour writefest! So glad you are doing this and can't wait to read about your progress! Have FUN! christy

  8. That's a really cool idea. I'll have to check it out. I don't know how many words I could do in a sixteen hour straight period. My problem is that the more time I have, the less I'm able to get done. If I had one hour sixteen days in a row, I could probably get 10,000 words done, but If I had them all consecutively, I'd probably dither around and get less done.

  9. Good luck to you for hitting your 10,000 tomorrow! But I think it's funny how you say 4,000 like it's 400. Haha! I've tried to hit 3,000 each day and it so didn't happen. Good writing vibes to you!

    Sixteen hours... I can't even imagine! If the words are flowing, I can do about 1200 in a half hour. If I'm fighting for every word I've been as low as 500 in a half hour. So sixteen hours altogether? 5000 if I was lucky because I'm pretty sure my head would melt! lol Kudos to you - hope you hit your ten! :)