Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Truth Be Toldeth

2004 after a 10-year anniversary refurb

She be pink - I not lieth. My most favorite (non-human) thing in the whole world is my 1976 Volkswagen Bug that I've owned since I was 16 years old (She was pink then, too). Yep, she's my first car and I still own her. I don't get to drive her regularly (not really a car that holds car seats very well), but I do get her out in spring and summer most years. I blogged about her once. More pictures HERE.

I asked my sister which one she thought was the lie and she said, "Well obviously your sense of humor about trivial things." My response to that was, "Really? I think I have a pretty good sense of humor." She said, "You do! Just not at first. It takes a minute for your sense of humor to come out." I guess I was lying about that? I didn't mean to, so this doesn't count as the lie because I still think it's the truth.

I finally told my husband I'm planning to shave my head when and if my mom loses her hair due to her chemo. He said, "Great! I think you should, as long as you let me shave it." YIKES! This is coming from a man who bought an extension to our Dyson vacuum to brush our dog's hair. Deal is OFF if he comes near me with the vacuum cleaner, that's all I'm saying.

Depending on how you look at it, when I said I stopped going outside last year, I wasn't lying. In comparison to how often the neighbors, my kids and my husband saw me outside in The Cul-de-Sac I really don't go out anymore. I think I over did myself when I was making appearances amongst the neighbors. I got burned out. There are only so many new and interesting things the neighbors have to talk about when all the wives stay home for a living. I threw in the towel when gossip reached its peak in my neighborhood. The neighbors weren't the only reason. I stopped going outside when hubby came home from work because I wanted a break and spent that time writing.

Speaking of neighbors. You wouldn't think a person who would take time to measure water coming out of my front spout from my back yard and into the gutter could exist outside of the movie, The Burbs starring Tom Hanks but it's true. My neighbor is obsessed with pointing out what's wrong with everyone else so no one will focus on what's wrong with him and his family. Not that I'm implying there is anything wrong. How would I know? I don't go outside anymore. Haha!

I do live in a cul-de-sac and the neighbors do refer to it as The Cul-de-Sac and we refer to their street as The Straight Street. My sister reminded me of how they used to call it The Cult-de-Sac. What can I say? Cul-de-sac people rule! We have our own private street and we look sideways when cars make a wrong turn into it. I guess it's kind of cult-ish. But we do put on the best and only haunted house in the community.

The true blade of misfortune really is the house down the street from me we call The Hanger House. The wife of the original owner hung herself in the gargage just before Christmas 2 years ago. Luckily, after a year on the market, the house has finally sold. I'm not sure though why a single woman would buy that house. Would you intentionally buy a house you knew someone committed suicide in? And then when I met this woman she mentioned working with someone who talks to the dead. Ahhhhh! I think she's trying to out-do my annual haunted house, what do you think?

It's true that dancing to the beat of my own drummer annoys people but I actually don't care. Eff them if they can't take a joke. The lie is within the blending. Blending is like following and in the excellent words of the rap artist, M.I.A. "You can be a follower but who is your leader?" If I start blending now I would be following someones lead which has been against my policy since birth. I enjoy being an individual and I hope all of you artists out there are enjoying your individuality as well. Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.



  1. Just for the record. You have a fantastic sense of humor. From the first time we emailed each other during the words marathon I knew it...

    Love your pink 70's bug! It looks like it's in great condition.

    ALWAYS be yourself. Why imitate someone less fabulous!


  2. Nice!! I am in total agreement about individuality. I am proud of the person I am too, and that nobody has ever been able to MAKE me conform just because it's the done thing.

    Your car is very cute!

  3. Awesome! That's awesome that you would shave your head for your mom. And I love the pink car. The car I had when I was 16 is dead. Long live Algae.

  4. OH MY GOSH!! Your car is ridiculously cute!!! Oh my. Going to look at the other pictures in a minute too. Crap, I can't get over it! So cute.
    Hahah The Burbs reference. Your neighborhood sounds like fun!

  5. I love your VW and all the pink.

    Writing keeps me in a lot too. It is sanity.

  6. Your pink VW is adorable!
    I shaved my hubby's head once for fun. He decided on a whim he wanted to see what he looked like bald and he worked at home. I loved seeing the kids' reactions the next day! Your reasons are much more sincere for shaving your head. Hugs to you and your mom!

  7. Love the pink bug! :) Oh, I sooo understand the cul-de-sac bit. LOL
    I'm a follower now.

  8. LOVE this-- adorable bug, and it sounds like your neighborhood sees a lot of action! Wow!

  9. Love the car. I don't usually like pink, but it works. I love the fact that the rims match the hood. Very coordinated.


  10. Ooooh nice car!!! My neighbors are a bit odd too. We have a very loud parrot and when we moved in, the SPCA van drove by our house twice... we think the neighbors called the SPCA on us, thinking we were torturing some poor animal or something. Nope, it's just our parrot, he screams when he's happy! They didn't knock on the door or anything, so I figure the SCPA peeps must have heard him and realized, "Oh, that's just a conure, go figure". And some other neighbors like to sit on their porch and stare at our lawn if it's not cut RIGHT AWAY when it gets a bit long. Weirdy people around here, that's all I have to say.

  11. I love your bug! Amazing. And that house sounds pretty creepy (and sad).

  12. Thank you all for enjoying my bug so much. I'm planning on getting around to everyone's blogs as soon as I return home from Utah. I hope all of you are well.

  13. Oh WOW! Love the car!! So, I swear I was following you but I checked just now and I don't think I was...0.o weird. I AM now;)
    I guessed your lie, yay! Haha!
    So I wanted to let you know I gave you an award and I will be posting it tonight. ☺

  14. I want that car! Too very cute - don't ever get rid of it!

  15. Ohmygosh - love the car! LOVE IT!!!

  16. Definitely do not let your husband come near you with the vacuum cleaner! No good can come of that. :)

  17. Fellow crusader dropping in to say hi. Am I the only one still making her rounds? I'm in love with your car!!!

  18. Does the horn still only honk while turning corners? So many times making donuts in the parking lot at work just to hear that little bug squeal.
    Hope you don't have to shave your head, but nice way to celebrate your momma.

  19. Very chic and sporty at the same time! What I love most about it are the tires and mags. I believe these complete the look of your car. ;> By the way, The Hanger House story creeps me out! I wouldn’t dare live in such house. *goose bumps* :{

    Leisa Dreps