Monday, July 12, 2010

I Want Winter Back

For a mom of three, summer is hectic. The hours are longer, the schedule is manned soley by me, the noise level, the distractions, the need to be in well-lit, sun-drenched areas is a requirement, precipitation from my body versus the sky is high, while the splashing from the pool prevents me from downloading my creativity in a conducive atmosphere.

But, in just a few short weeks, I have gone to Mexico while the kids went to Pismo Beach, I've read four books, hosted a fourth of July party, started revising my book based on the adjustments I made for a partial that was requested, I taught eight kids how to make three balloon animals, we started an ant farm that I'm sorry to say isn't thriving, we've walked to the park and back, we've gone to the free movie and snuck our own food in, penpals have been made and kept, the blog has been updated although not as frequently, all this and we're still three weeks away from the start of school.

I need a nap.

I need a long winter's nap.

I seem productive in the summer but it's not geared toward my writing which leaves me frustrated at the end of the day when I am too tired from all the kid-friendly activities to open my computer or grab my notepad.

I desperately need to download though. I feel the stories bunching up in my head. I need a free moment (not the blogging-type free moments, more like the kids-are-at-school-and-the-house-is-shhhh moments) to envision the revision my story requires.

Also, I think the melancholy that winter brings provides a certain type of depth required for writing.


  1. I think you're right, summer months always seem to be filled with way too many things to do as opposed to winter months.

  2. I *adore* summer. It's the only time of the year I'm consistently warm. Plus, the long days of sunshine (not to mention all the cute clothes and shoes) make me happy. But I hear ya on the extra busyness of the season.

  3. K.M. - When I lived in Utah, the summer was more bearable. Where I live in California, it's difficult to get out in my cute clothes during the day. I think I favor winter more because it's not too hot to go outside. The long summer nights make it difficult to get the kids in bed before 9pm as opposed to winter at 7:30pm. I'm a bit tired (partly from heat exhaustion) but me and my writing will survive.

    I am loving your posts. Your blog is like a built in conference. Thank you for all your information.