Monday, May 10, 2010


Before I started blogging, I would get up and write for seven hours a day and dream all night about my characters. But then with two out of three books in my trilogy completed, it was time for me to start becoming part of the writing world. Last week was a tough week, I had to realize that I couldn't possibly write for seven hours a day and keep a blog, research literary agents, read other writer's blog, participate in random writing contests in the hopes of getting myself out there in the world, and all without exhausting myself.

I had to sit back and take my life into perspective; I cannot write for seven hours a day without walling myself in, my blog is important but I don't need to write on it every single day, I don't have to spend all day reading other writer's blogs if it is just going to make me wish I was spending that time writing out my own ideas, and not every contest is for me.

In just a short time I've learned a lot about the publishing industry as it is today and not like I remembered it from 1998. Back in 1998 I would put together a children's book idea and then I would mail the whole thing to a publisher with a self addressed stamped envelope and they would kindly reply to me a couple of months later with a note, "thank you but your work doesn't match our interests at this time." And then I would feel fine; I never felt rejected, like I do now.

Back in 1998 I wrote just for the fun of it and mostly because I was inspired to do so. I never really took the process seriously, therefore, I didn't feel rejected by the industry. Now, eleven years later, the publishing industry has changed. The industry seems to be more overwhelmed with new writers. The agents seem to be celebrities in their own right with their hip, informative and seemingly caring blogs and publishers seem to want to get your work from these trendy agents.

Blogs! This is a whole new concept to me. I didn't realize a blog is practically essential for a new author. I always thought blogs were for mom's to post pictures and updates of their children. Now, I can spend all of my first four hours of the day reading different blogs all linked to one blog I found in the morning.

In 1998, I was perfectly happy not being able to compare my queries, my blogs, and my manuscripts to other unpublished or recently published authors. Lately, I have found myself comparing success and rejection stories, queries, ideas, short stories, flash-fiction, and whatever else I can think up to compare myself to with the whole world. This is unhealthy.

I have resolved to get back to the place that makes me the happiest. Writing. I will blog every other day or so, and I will read other blogs when I can, but I think I'm going to stick to what makes me happy; writing and submitting without comparison.

I'm in it through thick and thin. If the story I've just written doesn't interest an agent, no problem, because I've got plenty of ideas and a bit of time to write them out in.

God love the story tellers of the world!

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