Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Meet Boys

Okay, due to increasing pressure from my husband and my sister I am posting How To Meet Boys; the instructions my sister suggested I follow to find a boyfriend when I was twelve.

Tips On How to Get Boys
by: Regina and Patty Timms
June 1990

1 - Don't talk about ex's.
2 - Don't talk like a baby.
3 - Go with the flow if he holds your hand.
4 - Don't put yourself down EVER.
5 - Talk about interesting things that he won't get bored of.
6 - Talk with him; flirt, don't be shy.
7 - Don't hang all over him.
8 - When you are in a group with him don't only talk to him, talk to everyone.
9 - Don't want too much from him.
10 - Find someone who cares and isn't always with someone else.

One might think I would've stopped making lists after my mom found this one, but no, I have books of lists. It's a compulsion. Not as extreme as it has been over the years but definitely an essential part of my life.

I once made a list of things to say in the event a boy ever called me on the phone. The thought of awkward silences concerned me. Unfortunately, the list didn't really help when that first boy called. I went through the list like a machine gun firing rounds and then the boy didn't know what to say after that so he just never called again.


  1. What an awesome sister I was! I mean, you can't beat that type of advice from a 14 year old!!!

  2. This totally worked on me!