Monday, May 24, 2010

Is It Too Late To Be Abducted By Aliens?

I haven't pulled from my journals in awhile so I thought why not?

October 12, 2009
Would I be completely dillusional if I truly believed in time travel? What if I occasionally felt as though I must be from some other time?

Honestly, sometimes I believe that I am looking for a way back home. I read, I watch, I listen, I am crazy about this idea.

While I'm already out here on the ledge, I am not afraid to admit that I believe Einstein completed his research for time travel, worm holes, supermassive black holes, etc. And that we've been time traveling for quite some time now.

UFO's are likely not coming from a far off place in outer space, driven by googely-eyed, green-skinned aliens waiting to beam us up like Scotty. UFO's are probably just time travelers. There is probably a whole secret society of time travelers controlled and used by the government to rapidly advance technology.

It rarely occurs to most people the sudden advancements we've experienced through time. Seriously, we not only put a man on the moon but we were able to successfully film him and show it live in a day in age when televisions in the average living room was still relatively new. And, I still can't get reception on my cell phone when I drive on the toll road (I'm shaking my head right now).

Remember the influx of UFO sightings, and reports of alien abductions in the '80's? Whatever happened to sightings of little green people with big heads, little bodies, and narrow eyes?

Now when I watch those UFO Sighting shows on the Discovery Channel, they never focus on aliens, just spacecraft. How am I ever going to find my time traveling alien family this way?

All well, I might have lost all hope in ever getting a chance at being abducted by aliens, but I haven't lost hope in finding my way back to whatever time I came from.

Am I alone in this? What do you think? Are there aliens out there or just time travelers from Earth? Have you ever been beamed up?

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  1. This is a very entertaining post. I can't say I believe in such things though, but I would love to be proven wrong! Great writing and great thoughts