Friday, May 14, 2010

"What Writers Read": Books, Books, Books

"What Writers Read": Books, Books, Books

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I love to read and that's one of the main reasons I write. Books talk to me and so I talk back.

When I'm sitting in a restaurant, or walking down the street, I sometimes wonder what kind of books people are reading.

I have a couple of friends I enjoy reading with. There's nothing quite like getting a book handed over the fence from a neighbor, or getting a book as a present.

Getting a book from a friend, or as a present is an interesting way to find out what kind of person people think I am. So far, I have no complaints, no unpleasant surprises.

I might not have stumbled upon Hunger Games if my neighbor hadn't handed it over the fence last year. The Twilight Saga might have escaped me as well if the whole neighborhood hadn't been reading it and suggested it to me.

There are so many books in the local B&N that are just as good if not better than some of the ones who have a lot of hoopla around them and so I am drawn to those, knowing I can always find my way back to the well branded books if need be.

This isn't to say that I don't want to have a lot of hoopla around a book I write; on the contrary, I would love that kind of success and attention and I'm proud of those writers who have achieved that status. I just know there a lot of jems on the shelves.

The true adventure, for me, in a book store is spending time finding a great story amongst thousands. Fortune cookie style book finding; that's what I do. I believe I am drawn to specific stories for a reason. But then again, I also open books to random pages to find personal messages or fortunes that I use in my daily life.


  1. Thanks for the linkage! There is nothing as magical as reading. :)

  2. Thank you for your comment Elana and thank you for following me!

  3. I write because I love to read, too! I figured I might as well make a story EXACTLY the way I wanted it.

  4. I agree with you Bethany. Sometimes I think my standards are too high for even myself though. That's when I march right over to B&N and find some lighthearted stuff that inspires me.

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